Best Universal Power Adapter Online!

No matter how much of a globetrotter are you, nature loving and adventurous, but one thing that always goes up your priority list while packing for your get away trip is your charger. For tech savvy people who just cannot go a mile without their phones, they certainly cannot survive without a charged phone and for women, we don’t blame you for trying to capture a travel memory in a perfect picture, with you looking your best, but of course, again, no girl travels without packing her hair iron, or straightener. And this is what brings us all together when travelling; the hunt to find a socket that facilitates your electronics! Seek no more, as we have universal power adapter online available to immediately cater your need! As a general knowledge for you, you should know there are 15 different electrical outlets used throughout the world. But considering the one which is right for you, in which region, there are three things to consider – Voltage, wattage and configuration. If you are traveling to USA, then one other thing along with an adapter you’ll need is a voltage converter, as in USA 120 voltage system is used and in other regions it is 240 voltage. This again, opens a Pandora’s box for you. We have put together types of universal power adaptors catering to your needs, along with the pros and cons, if any.  

  1. Huanua Universal Travel Adapter The Huanua Universal Travel adapter works in 150 countries, covering regions such as South America, Asia, USA, majority of Europe and Australia. Pro: This all in one universal adaptor offers four USB ports, and has the ability to charge five devices at a time. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated fuse to be used as a replacement, if it burns. 
  2. Dandelion Archetype Travel Adapter  The Dandelion Archetype Travel adaptor also works in 150 countries, covering Asia, USA, Australia and most of Europe. Pro: This particular adapter has a compact design, comes with rotating swivels, which lets you easily insert other configurations. And to make sure you don’t lose it in your travel bags, the adapter comes with its own carrying case. Con: However, for its compact design, it only caters one USB port and can charge three devices at a time only.  
  3. Ceptics World Travel Adapter Okay so this particular adapter covers 200 countries! Which includes Australia, USA, majority of Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia. Pro: The adapter will protect your devices from a power surge. It caters USA Outlets, has a built in USB cable charging and two USB ports. Con:  The size is big and will take up the entire electronic outlet, so you might not be able to plug in any out electronic.  

If this yet doesn’t suffice you, Check out and find yourself the perfect universal power adaptor online!  power-adaptors